Fire Fitting & Fire Proofing

Power Atlas provides high quality fire fitting and fireproofing systems for customers in oil & gas, process, energy as well as offshore. Power Atlas product portfolio encompasses Structural Fire Protection, Thermal & Acoustic Insulation, Fire Rated Ducts and Fire Stopping works.

Effective fireproofing reduces the escalation of fire that might happen with the failure of structural supports as well as overheating of pressure vessels. Power Atlas focuses on the safe installation of industrial fireproofing equipment.

Our quality control program in combination with our highly skilled team of professional craftsmen enables us to regularly deliver secure and outstanding fire product. Power Atlas offers high performance fire protection equipment customized to fit customer’s unique needs.


Power Atlas utilizes only approved fireproofing as well as fire stop materials, like fire resistant insulation or cable tray fire stops, for all our projects and offer complete solutions towards the safety and secure environment at our customers’ places. Our fireproofing as well as fire stop systems are designed to save lives and safeguard property by bringing down the spreading capability of fire, smoke, and harmful gasses.