Mohammed A. Al Abdul Waheed

Managing Director

Mob. : +966 56 080 8869

Mohammed A. Al Abdul Waheed serves as the Managing Director of Power Atlas, one of the world’s leading  Power and Equipment rental providers and seller in the Middle East region. Mohammed is ensures the organization’s performance is outstanding in every aspect, and is responsible for all of the services and products the team delivers.

Mohammed has 20 years of experience revolving around leadership, professional development, and technical prowess. Mohammed has deep international Client and project expertise in the heavy equipment industries.

An ardent believer as well as practitioner of putting people first, Mohammed advocates the creation of the spirit of ‘ownership’ amongst each employee who joins Power Atlas. Mohammed’s passion for developing and delivering customer-centric solutions has steered the growth of Power Atlas.

Under his agile leadership, Power Atlas has witnessed strategic alliances with customers across the Middle East region who look up to Power Atlas as their reliable partner in realising their business objectives.